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The Paddingtons [09 Oct 2005|01:26pm]

So Friday night was The Paddingtons in the Speak easy bar in Queens.
First off I was deserted!!! Lynn and Gemma couldn’t make it fair enough Lynn was passed out in a post New York stupor but Gemma we are going to have words!! :P

So I recruited to random people off the street, well actually my good friends Lee and Marque and bounced down the Speak Easy for the doors opening at 8. Now everyone knows I like to be at a gig a bit early to make sure I get a decent place to watch from but fucking hell the place was empty. There was about 50/60 in the whole place and not a single one of them was any where near the front. Happy days up front of the Cazals prime bit of bothering.

But no.

Luca it appears has miss lead Lynn in saying they were playing because it is not the Cazals but Red Sirus. I’d heard of them but never heard them if you know what I mean and was pretty damn impressed. A weird mix of decent rock with a bit of violin thrown in and really great vocals and typical Belfast band banter. They were a lot of fun and even though the audience was pretty unresponsive (shame on you) they band still gave it there all. So yes I think the BBB should endorse Red Sirus.

Of course then a little crowd gathers at the front for the Paddingtons and though I didn’t know that much about them it thoroughly enjoyed their set. Possibly because it just reminded me so much of old libertine gigs. One thing I will say about this band that I love was the on stage messing. I love to see a band thoroughly enjoying themselves while having a bit of a boy touching bop about. A good giggle I enjoyed their music but not massively so not really a band I’ll really get mad into any time soon.

I gigs just not the same with out your follow botherers though.

Don’t let it happen again girls!!

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[07 Sep 2005|11:53am]

There should be another band bothering tip to be prepared before hand. After realising everyone and their dog is on my space looked up the editors and have made e-mail contact assuring them they shall be well recived on Belfasts fair shores welcome heartily by the Belfast Band Bothers.

Also added the Cazels to my friends list on my space and get a very random e-mail form which ever of them happened to check the e-mail last night wittering on about how i was their 500th friend and diserve a prize but they're skint and can't give me one.

This added to Lynn's individual bothering shall make the Paddingtons gig a giggle.


So band bothering tip #6 make contact with the band before hand if possible.
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Application to join [05 Sep 2005|05:21pm]

Top 5 favorite bands:
First gig:
No. of gigs attended in the last 6 months:
No. of bands bothered:
Most successful band bothered:
(this does not mean successful in selling records terms, but how successful you thought the mission to be, we a few details)
Do you have a photograph of this bothering mission:
(you may be accepted as an honorary band botherer, if you have yet to complete a mission but are dedicated to doing so in the future ~ this will probably be reserved for our personal journal friends please state on your application that you want to be an honorary member)
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[05 Sep 2005|03:27pm]


Last night as we were a dirnking and a thinking we thought up a couple of band bothering tips that might become usful at some point. Only a couple right now but it will grow.


  • The management are your friend!Can't get talking to the band? Try tlaking to their manager type people for awhile. this will help for two reasons. 1) if the bouncers see you're talking to someone with a pass then they will not move you on. 2) If the manager type people like you your more likely to get to meet the actual band because the manager wwon't think your a total nut job and tell you to fuck off.


  • NEVER wear a bands t-shirt to their gig. We all know who you're there for you are after all at the gig.


  • Respect those more deicated than yourself. If someone has stood for 5 hours at a barrier so they cna be there when the band they love come on respect that don't try and elbow that person in the face and shove them out of the way. If you wanted that place well you should have been there.


  • Get in with the support acts. Seirosuly you never know who the next massive band is going to be and if you get friendly with them now it opens doors for later. and any way for fucks sake they put in as much effort as the main act sometimes more why can't they get a little attention to?


  • Enjoy yourself. Yeah i know it isn't "cool" or "scene" to be seen smiling like a mad man and a little sweaty from bouncing like a rabbit with ADD but the whole point of a gig is to have fun, not to stand in the corner frigthened to move incase a hair gets out of place. Want to be noticed by a band look like your fucking happy!!
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[05 Sep 2010|03:07pm]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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4 Is The Magic Number [05 Sep 2005|11:34am]

[ mood | happy ]

Well last night was a big night. A massive night. Last night was Magic Numbers. Decked in our finest band bothering outfits myself and co-band botherer Lynn made our way down to Katy Daly’s for a swift drink and to discuss plans of action for the evening as well as start work on our band Botherers bible, a document outlining basically the best ways to behave at gigs with out being a wanker and tips on how to get in with the bands and such – however this was quickly abandoned after a drink or two and the chat as usual turned to darker more seedy things.

We laid out our missions for the night. Mine was to stroke Romeo’s beard and well we won’t talk about Lynn’s although it also involved beards in a sense. It is important to have goals for a night like this. So after meeting professional music elitist Kim in the bar we eventually moved to the queue waiting for the doors to open and assessing what was going on. There was a load of people in front of us but thankfully the girls were all meticulously well groomed, they would not be standing at the front. Nice one.

The venue was larger than I remembered with all the tables removed but as soon as I walked in the door I staked my place front and centre. My preferred position in this case from a photographer’s point of view not a boy touching one given that after all it was the Magic numbers.

The support band came on pretty quickly for lovely Dublin boys called The Immediate (http://www.theimmediate.tv) who were extremely impressive considering after my brief search that morning to see who the support band were I had pulled up some random dodgy Mod band with a female singer.

I’ve never seen a band put so much energy into a gig there was fists of pure emotion and everything. Basically you have 4 guys on stage the usual set up bassist, two guitarists and a drummer. Basic enough. Until after the first to songs the sing/guitarist becomes the drummer the drummer comes out and plays keyboard and the bassist is the singer and quick ball change 5 minutes later drummer is now singer other guitarist is the drummer and it all got a bit confusing. They were extremely good though I was really impressed with them they put a lot into it and gave a fucking excellent show. I don’t like bands who stand there and just grumble into the mic every now and again I like a band who can enjoy themselves as well and they were loving it.

So then the wait for the Numbers began.

Now I usually hate gigs in Belfast cause the crowd are usually ignorant wankers but I must say last night was great now one was trying to shave me away form my prime position, aside fm one girl who asked could she step in front of me for one song to get better photos and true to her word she stepped right back again after. And why was this? Because there was no fucking screaming fan girls making tits of themselves and scrabbling over people at all costs to get near Mr rock hunk.


The youth of today.

So then it was time. The Magic Numbers came on. The room exploded. Seriously the cheers and screams whistles and clapping I was deafened. And the band well the genuinely were not expecting that. They looked so happy and couldn’t stop laughing and grinning before launching into one of their songs I love called “Long Legs” everyone was bouncing and cheering and just singing along and the band were giving it every thing. They’re so sweet and a bit cheesy but they just looked so fucking happy to be there and that’s what I love a gig where everyone is enjoying themselves. And I was clicking away like the little shutter bug that I am trying to get every moment. Unfortunately the lighting on the stage is quite awkward so the only really good ones seem to be of Romeo. They had to take a break after each song because they seemed so over whelmed by the reception they were getting. That’s the thing about Belfast . we’ve been so starved of decent gigs for years that now that we’re getting them we love it. We’re a great crowd to play to aside from the odd gang of wankers who seem to want to ruin it for everyone.

We were of course treated the singles “love me like you” and “forever lost” as well as “Hymn for Her” which is such an amazing wee song starts off real slow and it was amazing with the whole crowd singing along to. I just couldn’t get over how astounded they seemed to be by how we were towards them they’ve obviously been playing some very restrained gigs or something. Oh no not in Belfast folks.

After wards me and Lynn spent a long time chatting with The Immediates who were just adorable if a bit frightened. We’ve promised to get them a gig in Belfast soon. We have no idea how we’re going to do this. But they don’t know that!

Then of course I got to meet the Magic Numbers. Romeo thinks I’m mental and yes before you ask I did succeed. I am a beard botherer. I told him stroking his beard was the mission for the night and he just laughed and give me a big hug. I’ve meet a lot of bands and no one has ever been so sweet to us.

The Magic numbers are most defiantly Belfast band Bother approved.

Total Band Bothering Points: 21

The only thing that didn't happen was an after show party mainly cause belfast is shit on a sunday

And now for some photos.

The ImmediatesCollapse )

The Magic NumbersCollapse )

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Internet bothering [03 Sep 2005|12:50am]

Internet bothering.....yes online bothering is not only allowed but ENCOURAGED.

Tonite, whilst drunk, i sent the following message to one of the original bands we bothered (or hoped to),
The Cazells.

Dear Luca,
I saw your band twice already over here in sunny Belfast,
although i didnt get to talk to you at either gig, your singer Phil was extrememely lovely.
At the time i was a girlfriend of Jack White (of leeds fame, not white stripes) and i was hoping you could have your revenge on him with me. Oh well, maybe next time.
When are you, and the lovely Cazells returning to Belfast?
We have a large assortment of fun goodies waiting for you,
Much love Luca,
Lynn xxx

Yes, i seriously sent this message :D
and i stole these photos from his profile! yum!Collapse )
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We DO NOT DISCRIMINATE..... [01 Sep 2005|09:27pm]

That's right people, we do not confine our bothering skills to the male species only, that would be wrong.

So last night i headed off to the Spring & Airbrake with only the aid of Honourary Band Botherer, Sharon. She proved useful because she knew the name of the support band (which i now forget again), but still at the time it helped me go forth and bother. I told said band lead singer that they had a great early 90s vibe and sounded quite like Dinasour Jnr to which he was seemed very happy about and asked me to go see them play in The Empire the following evening - but laziness prevaled.

Anyway, on to the main attraction Sleater-Kinney. 2/3 of the band are lesbians, so had i wanted to pursue any post-gig bothering who knows, my luck could have been in! But i settled myself nicely to the front row to watch 3 of the most amazing rock performers ever! Carrie is a true rock God. Corin was a grumpy bitch, but sick with a sore throat awww and Janet is amazing - i want to be a drummer so much.

*IMPORTANT NOTE TO BOTHERERS ~ discrimination is all around us. This was the EASIEST gig of my life to get to the front barrier, i barely broke a sweat and not one single person bumped into, or annoyed me! I barely felt like i was at a gig at all, with all the too cool to move emo kids around me. I pondered....imagine the difficulties of this situation had this fine, talented, rock band been 3 good looking boys??? Sexism is still alive and kicking folks.

In summary, i realised that i wont have to retire from bothering quite as early as i thought, providing i stick to girls and emo bands. No effort required.

Here's some photies! - i just discovered last nite that i had a zoom lense!Collapse )
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This Week On Band Botherers [31 Aug 2005|10:51am]

[ mood | amused ]

This week after our little non-bothering gig this week myself and Lynn have set our sights on this sundays Magic Numbers gig in The Lime Light, a prime band bothering site if ever there was one challenged only by the Empire with their cunning trisk of have the bands walk through the crowd to leave, where as Gemma will be on Welsh Watch admiring Kelly Jones at the Stereophonics in the Odsessy.

Not bad for a weekends work.

And it seems we've got a bit of a fever for it right now cause the week after is The Editors agian the Lime light (or is it spring and air break?)the following Saturday.

Hopefully this weekends Magic Numbers gig will be a little more relaxed than the recent gigs in belfast. That is probably minus the screaming fan girls. Two reasons for this one being that well very few of them will actually be looking to fuck the band, a common problem with bands with deeply sexual members that everyone wants to shag (ie. LIbertines, The Strokes, The Tears, Babyshambles) The other reason it won't be full of annoying fan girls? Well it's a school night ;)

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Tennents Vital - Rub One Up Ye! [25 Aug 2005|08:36pm]

[ mood | amused ]


Last night myself and co-bothers Lynn and Gemma had a wee thought...Hmmm... What have we got to do today? Well we can sit about and do fuck all, always a good idea, OR we could go to Tennents Vital and go a Bothering. So we went a bothering and this is what we found. We found Some Black Velvets, some Future Heads, some Faithless and Some Partridge in a...I mean some Kings of Leon.


Well everyone knows that Band Bothering is notoriously hard to do in an outdoor setting so the idea today was not to meet and greet but merely to enjoy some god damn good music and enjoy some fine Indie ass on le stage.


Well that we did and we did well but I must say the Belfast gigging crowd, we are not impressed. No sense of gig etiquette what so ever. For example if some one has been standing marking a spot for 5 hours in order to see the headlining act do not act like a pissy little bitch because said person will not let you push in front of them and take their place cause five minutes ago you decided you were a fan.


Forget it darling we were doing this when you were still creaming over West life.


I assure you dear friend Band Botherers are not elitist by nature but we will push if shoved.


We may construct however light hearted rules of gigging guide line in the near future.


It’s not that people are bad at gigging it’s just they have been so starved of gigs for so long that maybe they just need a gentle guiding hand.


Or a swift punch in the fucking gob :D


Any way I was appoint BBB staff photographer last night, mainly cause I was the only one who had the patience to stand up front all day, and got what I could however the Stage was much to high and to dark by the time KOL came on to get any decent shots. They’re not my best but  here is what I have so far:




The Black VelvetsCollapse )

The Future HeadsCollapse )



FaithlessCollapse )


I managed to get but one Kings Of Leon shot where you could see any one God damn it!

Lone King Of LeonCollapse )
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