Tell me what rockers to swallow (jadedviolet) wrote in band_botherers,
Tell me what rockers to swallow

Internet bothering

Internet bothering.....yes online bothering is not only allowed but ENCOURAGED.

Tonite, whilst drunk, i sent the following message to one of the original bands we bothered (or hoped to),
The Cazells.

Dear Luca,
I saw your band twice already over here in sunny Belfast,
although i didnt get to talk to you at either gig, your singer Phil was extrememely lovely.
At the time i was a girlfriend of Jack White (of leeds fame, not white stripes) and i was hoping you could have your revenge on him with me. Oh well, maybe next time.
When are you, and the lovely Cazells returning to Belfast?
We have a large assortment of fun goodies waiting for you,
Much love Luca,
Lynn xxx

Yes, i seriously sent this message :D

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