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Trying To Be Romantic With The Modern World

The Paddingtons

So Friday night was The Paddingtons in the Speak easy bar in Queens.
First off I was deserted!!! Lynn and Gemma couldn’t make it fair enough Lynn was passed out in a post New York stupor but Gemma we are going to have words!! :P

So I recruited to random people off the street, well actually my good friends Lee and Marque and bounced down the Speak Easy for the doors opening at 8. Now everyone knows I like to be at a gig a bit early to make sure I get a decent place to watch from but fucking hell the place was empty. There was about 50/60 in the whole place and not a single one of them was any where near the front. Happy days up front of the Cazals prime bit of bothering.

But no.

Luca it appears has miss lead Lynn in saying they were playing because it is not the Cazals but Red Sirus. I’d heard of them but never heard them if you know what I mean and was pretty damn impressed. A weird mix of decent rock with a bit of violin thrown in and really great vocals and typical Belfast band banter. They were a lot of fun and even though the audience was pretty unresponsive (shame on you) they band still gave it there all. So yes I think the BBB should endorse Red Sirus.

Of course then a little crowd gathers at the front for the Paddingtons and though I didn’t know that much about them it thoroughly enjoyed their set. Possibly because it just reminded me so much of old libertine gigs. One thing I will say about this band that I love was the on stage messing. I love to see a band thoroughly enjoying themselves while having a bit of a boy touching bop about. A good giggle I enjoyed their music but not massively so not really a band I’ll really get mad into any time soon.

I gigs just not the same with out your follow botherers though.

Don’t let it happen again girls!!

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