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The Band Botherers

Bothering Bands Since 1989!

The Belfast Band Bothers
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About us:~
We are the Band Botherers, not at any time to be confused with groupies or fan girls. A band botherer has a certian amount of respect for herself and the bands she is bothering.

It is our job to meet and greet bands and basically have a great time. It's all about the music first and formost none of this "I only like a band cause of a hot lead singer" shite.

A band botherer also respects those at gigs and observes simple gig manners. There is nothing more annoying that some half dressed rabid fan girl clawing at your face because you stand between her and Mr Hunky Rockstar who would never go near her anyway but of course she is just going marry.

This is a closed community which basically means you have to be approved by myself or the other mods. You will need to fill out an application and we shall ruthlessly judge you on your responses :D

We're small now but just you wait.

Application ~ want to be a member of this community and share your band bothering stories with us, just Go here and fill out this application:

Top 5 favorite bands:
No. of gigs attended in the last 6 months:
No. of bands bothered:
Most successful band bothered:
(this does not mean successful in selling records terms, but how successful you thought the mission to be, we need a few details)
Do you have a photograph of this bothering mission:

(you may be accepted as an honorary band botherer, if you have yet to complete a mission but are dedicated to doing so in the future ~ this will probably be reserved for our personal journal friends please state on your application that you want to be an honorary member)

Band Botherering Points System:~
1 = getting front row at a gig ~ please do this with courtesy, get there early, if you need to go to the bar or take a piss have a designated space keeper stay up front. Do not push or shove or try to get in front of people who have been waiting there for hours.

2 = getting a good photograph of the band ~ but remember, the band are there to play, and you are there to enjoy, so do not treat it as a photo session, make sure you dance and scream and show appreciation in between shots.

3 = having contact with the band onstage, either by exchanging glances, touching, or giving stuff to the band, i.e. lighters, cigarettes, beads or even rubber gloves.

4 = getting in with the support band, chat and flirt and generally be fabulous ~ they could be the next big thing in the making, and you were there from the start.

5 = talking with the band and getting a photo taken with them ~ remember again to show some courtesy, these bands don't have to talk to, they'd most probably rather be tucked up in their bunk with a Playboy magazine. Show them respect, and let them know you are a fan of the music, not some crazy fangirl.

6 = getting contact info on the band, emails, phone numbers are good ~ but don't abuse this situation, simply keep the info handy for the next time they play, so you can have guaranteed bothering fun at the next gig.

7 = going onto a party or hotel with the band, generally getting pissed with them, having a laugh and probably falling over a lot.

*NOTE: band bothering is not about fucking band members, however if one seems quite taken with you, and a genuine attraction is shown by both parties, then it would be rude not to. Just remember to be safe! You know EXACTLY where they've been and it isn't healthy!

Here are some band bothering tips we quickly came up with, please feel free to comment and add more!

This community is for sharing your band bothering stories, photographs & tips with other botherers worldwide! ♥