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Tell me what rockers to swallow


That's right people, we do not confine our bothering skills to the male species only, that would be wrong.

So last night i headed off to the Spring & Airbrake with only the aid of Honourary Band Botherer, Sharon. She proved useful because she knew the name of the support band (which i now forget again), but still at the time it helped me go forth and bother. I told said band lead singer that they had a great early 90s vibe and sounded quite like Dinasour Jnr to which he was seemed very happy about and asked me to go see them play in The Empire the following evening - but laziness prevaled.

Anyway, on to the main attraction Sleater-Kinney. 2/3 of the band are lesbians, so had i wanted to pursue any post-gig bothering who knows, my luck could have been in! But i settled myself nicely to the front row to watch 3 of the most amazing rock performers ever! Carrie is a true rock God. Corin was a grumpy bitch, but sick with a sore throat awww and Janet is amazing - i want to be a drummer so much.

*IMPORTANT NOTE TO BOTHERERS ~ discrimination is all around us. This was the EASIEST gig of my life to get to the front barrier, i barely broke a sweat and not one single person bumped into, or annoyed me! I barely felt like i was at a gig at all, with all the too cool to move emo kids around me. I pondered....imagine the difficulties of this situation had this fine, talented, rock band been 3 good looking boys??? Sexism is still alive and kicking folks.

In summary, i realised that i wont have to retire from bothering quite as early as i thought, providing i stick to girls and emo bands. No effort required.

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